Can anyone design a Geardrive for me?

Hey guys. Was looking at the Avio Gear drive system Jeff made, but he doesn’t seem to be making them anymore.

Was wondering if someone could print a few gears and a mount for me?


What trucks are they going to be mounted on?

218 Torqueboards!

I wouldnt ride on printed gears, except they are printed from Metal or Peek. With that said i can also design…

I think buying something already available would be the better option, as getting a custom made one will be alot of $$.

@moon check his drives on esk8 news

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@moon ones are great from what ive heard. Its only $250 for 2.

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@moon if this ^ is true you and I have buisness to conduct

Try the other forum. Most people conduct business over there and see messages sooner.

He added a clever third gear to act as a controlled failure point. If a gear is going to strip, it will be the small easy to replace one.

Just for clarities sake, he added the 3rd gear as a separate street version gear drive to get lower clearance while maintaining ratios. Making a new thread about his all terrain gear drives right now he says.


do you have a link? i want to know more!