CAN bus and Male to Male connectors - where to put?

Trying to get my dual motor VESC setup all hooked up.

Hoping you guys can help out.

I’m pretty sure the white CAN bus goes here (pictured below)

Then I’m really not sure where the black Male to Male goes - does that hook to the Remote receiver somehow? Sorry for all the noob questions.



Not sure if I interpret your question correctly, but the 3 wire red white Black is the ppm wire from one Vesc as noted but other end goes to remote receiver

Looks like sensor wires also in the corner of picture so need to connect them depending on what motors etc

Might want to search and read up a little more. Canbus goes vesc to vesc. RX gets plugged into master vesc. With canbus both have to be plugged (powered up) in at the same time. There’s more to it than what I said though.

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Yes, thank you. that makes sense.
The white tipped black and white wire connects the 2 VESCs. Then the black goes from one VESC to the Remote receiver. Got it.

This should tell you everything you need to know…


Can bus is center left, PPM is bottom right.


Hey Mike - once you make the connections - do you guys do any kind of shrink wrap - water resistant coating over the VESC ?

Some people do, I use 3m tape to secure it to the deck and just leave the factory heat shrink in it.

I’m almost out of 5.5mm bullets or I’d make you some extensions. If you wanna get some on Amazon and send then to me I’ll make them and send them back.

Alternatively, @JLabs, @GrecoMan, @psychotiller and @torqueboards can make them.


Program both and plug in Can bus afterwards after it’s been programmed and your ready to connect it. Just remember which one is master and slave.

Some people may end up damaging the canbus when trying to program both. It’s not needed while you program.


@Deckoz made a good video tutorial about setting up the canbus. I used it when building my dual board.


The canbus wire should only use two wires - only the center pins are used. In fact you can damage a vesc using all four pins

The jst connectors only go in one way. I would put some hot glue on the outside of the connectors once your vesc are configured this way they dont come undone by vibration but can still be taken off if you need to do work on the board

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Great idea - will do! Thanks

@banjaxxed - yes - this is the connector I’m using.


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