Can I add an external switch to my Enertion SPACE Cell?

Hi, I have a replacement Space cell battery, and I was wondering if its possible to buy an external switch for it (and have it function), instead of using the one located on the top of the battery. Thanks

You can open it, and just extend the one existing switch by soldering longer wires.

Not sure how easy it would be to break it open… but if I did could I extend the charging port too?

Yup :slight_smile: just make sure to insulate everything. My assumption is that you will be mounting this outside of soemthing, I would recommend using detachable connections just in case you ever need to work on one single component, and not have to desolder all of your work.

Here’s a pic of how my Space Cell is set up.

I wrapped up the batteries after pulling everything out of the original case. Should be pretty much the same as yours. Battery pack, BMS, LCD, charge port, power switch, XT90. I replaced the charge port and power switch. You may have to extend some wires depending on where you want to locate everything. I recommend shrink wrapping your battery pack back up after you’re done.

Was that from a Space Cell Pro 3 or 4? Or just the replacement Space cell battery? Because I have the replacement one, and im not very sure how i’d get it open… but thanks for the pics

Space Cell 3. The one that came with the enclosure. They’re all about the same once you cut off the plastic wrap. Just make sure you’re careful when you make the first cut. Don’t want to nick any wires. You may want to replace the power switch, power port, and LCD if you are going to mount them to the side of your board.

Got it. Thanks! Not sure if I’m going to do that, I’m kind of scared of destroying my battery

You can put that stuff wherever you want