Can I change motor pulley diameter, nr teeth,...?

Hi guys, here it is, my first post.

I need to buy a new motor pulley, my build is entirely made from torqueboard. Because I leave in EU, I have 40$ shipment from them. So I looked a website in Europe to provide a motor pulley

I can not find the exact same specs a the one from torqueboard, so is that bad if I change the pulley diameter? Or if the number of teeth is down by 1? Instead of 16 I buy a new one with only 15 teeth?

Thank you guys for you futur incoming help :grin:

Increasing wheel pully teeths increases the torques. Increasing motor pulley teeths increases the speeds. As longs as it fits the motor shaft, you cans change as you pleases

Great Thanks.

You may also.need tighter or looser belts when changing pulley size.