Can I combine three batteries together, with two wired in series and one wired in parallel?

I’ve tried searching for the answer but I can’t find a similar example on the forums. Any help is appreciated!

No, do not connect batteries of different voltages in parallel

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Gotcha, thanks!

I have two 3s packs wired in series making a 6s pack and that wired to another 6s pack I parallel. All 5A. But I think this is not what you mean so in short, no. Only wire same voltage packs in parallel. Preferably same vendor and model packs

I mean… You could do it… but the pack with the least voltage would drain before the bigger pack, but also if you left it for any amount of time, the bigger pack would start to charge the smaller pack, as in, they’d start to try and self balance and then ultimately your smaller pack would over charge and be screwed… and possibly blow up!

Just don’t do it :thumbsup:

it can be fine if you have three individual cells and theyre all the same chemistry and discharge ability but one of the cells has twice the capacity of the other two, then you put the two with lower capacity in parallel effectively making the two smaller cells into one, and now you have two batteries in series with equal capacity and it would be fine…assuming same chemistry and discharge ability.

putting cells in parallel is effectively making one bigger battery with same voltage and increased capacity.

In the title he suggests putting 2 in series and another one in parallel. Assuming 3s packs that’d be putting a 6s pack (3s x 2) and a 3s pack in parallel, which will likely start a fire since it’d be overcharging the 3s pack.

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