Can I do motor detection with a 12s battery?

I know there’s a lot of talk and suggestions about using low voltage lab power supplies, but that’s not something that I have on hand right now, but do have my 12s battery available.

I stumbled upon this thread:

where @Chaka has stated that he has used 12s for motor detection on a 192kv motor safely. My VESC is purchased from Chaka, and I believe he says that he already turns the VESCs on with low voltage power supply before they get shipped out.

Has anyone had any issues with an Ollin VESC + high voltage for motor detection/VESC configuration? Should I be concerned about doing this?

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You are good to go. Take your time and be sure everything is insulated with heat shrink before powering up.

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Thanks @chaka!

Just did the motor detection with my 12s and spun the motor via keyboard keys. Everything appears to work fine. Glad it wasn’t another “I plugged in VESC, did motor detection and pop went some sparks” story.

That isn’t s story I am familar with. :wink:

Be safe and have fun!

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