Can I fit a 63mm motor under here?

Title says it all pretty much. Do you think I would be able to mount a 63mm diameter motor underneath the board? Or should mount it off the back? These are 70mm wheels but I’ll be getting 90mm wheels soon.

Under… where?

Lol… I’m a nimby, updated.

Hahah…he made you say “Underwear!!!”

It was all part of my plan :imp:

Yes. You may need a riser or angle riser so the motor mount doesn’t dig into the board…

You will have to play with it…but not too difficult

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Great! I had the trucks mounted on the top of the board yesterday cause it’s a drop through deck and it was so low that I couldn’t even consider mounting it below. But I mounted them on the bottom today to see what it was like and the board rides pretty much the same. Thanks!

I don’t think it’ll fit. I don’t see any risers. The angle on the deck is going to hit the motor. And your wheels are too small at their current size.

Rear mount will work perfectly fine and it’ll be out of the way of everything

I’m going to buy 90 or 97mm wheels soon and I plan on getting risers, any idea what size I should go for?

I’d get 1/2 or an angle 1/2 and a few small ones

Need a top view…do the wheels stick out?

Should be good with either …watch your gearing

Yea you might need a half inch or more

Nope! not because there isn’t enough space, but because you have 50 degree trucks mounted at what looks like a 75 degree angle. Too turny to be safe at speed.

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Well…only way to find out is to test it…the worst thing that could happen…you need a different board…

I don’t see why you can’t mount it at the back out of the way, it’s gonna be a lot safer and since the rear of the board is tilted you’ll be able to mount it upwards far higher than you would under the board.

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