Can i flash my VESC with this STlink? And if so how do i do it

So i can’t update the firmware on my VESCs so after some research it seems like i need to flash it via an ST link. So i bought this ST link

Can i flash my VESC with that or did i buy the wrong thing? I attached a photo of my VESC, STlink and the cable i got with the STlink. On what pins do i even plug the cable on? here are the photos:

This is the VESC i got https:///collections/esc-speed-controller/products/torque-esc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller

This is your answer.

Thanks! Crap i gotta buy cables aswell which will take atleast a month to get here:pensive:

Why did you feel the need to make a new thread when we already answered that exact question for you?

Your guide didn’t have the exact same equipment as mine so i was unsure if i could follow it or not!:pensive: I’ve never done anything like this before so i wanted to make sure everything was correct

If you have a working VESC (ie running dual drive), you can flash one VESC to another VESC without STlink. That is a way easier method compared to using STlink given that you need a working VESC with the latest firmware.

Yep, you can flash it with that. I had to do mine last week after installing the wrong firmware. I didn’t have the cables either, so I just soldered the wires directly to the contacts under the VESC.

I am having issues with loading the firmware from one VESC to another. teh tool says “Could not connect to the target device”. i checked all my connections and they seem to be correct. I am following this link to flash it from Benjamin Vedder’s YouTube channel. is there something that I am missing?