Can I get any help making hub motors?

I sat down after school and spent a few hours diddling around in Fusion 360, just fiddling around with different drive concepts. At school, we’re pretty heavily drilled to follow a design process which goes something like:

  1. Research / Evaluate existing solutions (aka what can you copy)
  2. Conceptually sketch your designs

I recently brought a pair of Jacobs, but there’s already a few things I don’t like about them, number one being how damn thing the urethane is, and number two being the fact that they literally don’t “FOC”. That’s the negatives; the coasting of 14 poles is something to die for, even in BLDC they’re incredibly silent and they have a really weird but seductively nice feel when accelerating.

So with that being said, I began carrying out Mr campells design process; i.e. stealing ideas from other hubs.

@onloop eliminated urethane slippage with the Ghosts @Hummie nailed urethane thickness with a 55mm ish motor @Jacob 's 14 pole’s are stupidly nice

With a few of my own requirements, I matched the dimensions of ABEC Big Zigs: And this is what I came up with. Ignore the textures haha.


I’m only 16 so I have no idea how fit for purpose a system like this would be, so could I get some tips from people who have more experience than me? @hummie or @onloop maybe?


Here a nice topic with lots of pictures of the progress, also use the search function. Cant give you tips about hub motors because i dont ride them, but there are plenty of tips buried in the forum discussions.

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Cool shit. Lower the pole pair count.

Hey @JohnTakesPhotos awesome you want to design your own hubmotor!

I am 17 years old and am also planning to make one myself but understanding and designing a brushless dc motor is quite difficult for me (Idk where to find information about that)

I have found this article:,%20Servos%20and%20Other%20Electrical%20Machines.pdf Maybe we can stay in contact and maybe help eachother? :slight_smile:

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That guide is an axial direct drive, correct? I tried designing one of those a while ago, but with 5065 motors to cut down on weight and give it a slightly more appealing aesthetic.

Would something like this be mechanically superior to hubs? (the wheels have Kegel dimensions)

@PredatorBoards I thought that higher pole pairs allowed for more torque due to a higher copper fill? Take one apart… quite literally the best way to see how it works. And for sure, pm me

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I wish I’d be that good in Fusion 360…

I learnt by watching a few of their webinars - they’re all free and on youtube! Another great way to learn would be going to local meetups where they learn Fusion 360 together. In my city an insanely talented engineer does completely free workshops once a month.

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Your latter design looks pretty similar to carvons

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That’s exactly what it is, it’s an axial direct drive system. 37%20AM