Can I leave my board in my car?

OK so I was wondering if I can leave my electric longboard in my car. I have a 8s Lipo battery hooked up, would this harm it. Does it get hot enough to damage the battery? I live in the Midwest so the temperatures range from -10 to 115 degrees. And does the cold affect the board any?

Please answer for lipo and liion.

Great idea… I got my previous e-GBomb stolen doing this at work in a locked garage! So lame.

But to actually help with your question - temp in your car in the sun will be significantly higher than the outside temp. If it’s too hot for you dog, i wouldn’t leave my electronics in it to bake either. Cold shouldn’t hurt it unless there’s a lot of humidity and condensation.

My lesson was to just take the board into work and not leave the window cracked…

I almost everytime keep my board in my car. No problem I ever found. that’s cool.

So what’s the “safe” outside temperature to leave your board in your car specially with lipos?

Using the research for dogs in cars - here’s how the temp inside increases over time. I wouldn’t want my board at these temps (will vary depending on outside temp - in the sun btw): All over 100* in 30 min!

From this article on

So a quick run to the store on a cool day - sure. Sitting in your car all day at work… no thanks!


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Get yourself a very heavily padded keyboard case or just wrap it in a lot of heavy blankets. That should keep your board fairly cool in comparison to outside temps. The more layers the better. When traveling, I keep my travel guitar in the trunk. All I use is a heavily padded gig bag and a few blankets on top. Even in 100 degree weather in direct sunlight, it stays decently cool for a few hours. Put a few blankets in the trunk and feel how hot it gets at the bottom of the stack after a few hours in the sun. It’s not even close to as bad as your front seats that have been baking in direct sunlight.