Can I power the VESC/motor with a DC power supply?

Hey guys, I am trying to power a pulley system using an electric skateboard motor and a VESC. Since the contraption will always be stationary, I was wondering if it is possible to use a DC power supply as a power source instead of lithium batteries.

Is it as simple as matching the voltage and current? Will there be any issues due to back-emf?

The motor I have in mind is a 6374 outrunner rated up to 60V & 65A. VESC will be Flipsky FSESC 6.6. I don’t plan to use anywhere near 65A. Can I just use something like this as the power source?


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try it out, as long as you stay under 21A it should be ok.

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Yes, you sure can. I use my 1600W DC bench power supply to do quick testing for my projects and board to see if everything works before plugging in the battery.

Keep it under 1000W for your power supply otherwise you’ll end up overloading it and shutting it off.

Best of luck!

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