Can I run willout anti-spark switch/keyloop at 12s?

My understanding is that the initial spark when plugging a battery in happens because the air inside/around the connector electrifies. The result is, connectors can be damaged by this repetitive process.

My question is, can this spark damage the VESC (do the capacitors protect from this?), and at 12s, is the spark going to eat up the bullet connectors really quickly?

I ask, because my diy anti spark switch stopped working last night. I’ve decided to just go 12s today with the 2 zippys lipos I have laying around with hummies motors.

i dont use an anti spark switch with a hobbyking esc and 12s and it been fine for about 5 months now

Yes you can run without a anti-spark switch. But in the long run you will get some black suit on your connector. Running without an anti spark plug will not damage the vesc.

The spark is due to the large inrush current created by the bulk capacitors (those big cans) when inserting the connector.

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Ok, thank you everyone for your replies. I have a habit of doing things I think are safe, that turn out to blow up in my face, lol.

I HATE when it sparks. It never fails to scare me as if I wasn’t expecting it. The easiest solution IMO is just to use hobbykings XT90-S connectors. Only downside is they’re pretty large.


Yea the xt90s plugs with anti spark resistors are great. I like that they’re big. Solution and they’re easy to solder. I’ve got like 10 and will give u a set

I prefer the XT90-s way more as a switch. I like that it is larger.

Thanks for the tip on the connectors. Just ordered a set. Has anyone added them to the commonly used parts list?