Can I use a bamboo BMS on a GT battery build?

My old Evolve Carbon GT is losing range so I figure the battery is on the way out. I happen to have a junked Evolve Bamboo GT battery complete with BMS. I was building a 10s4p 18650 pack for a bamboo but I wonder if I can use that BMS for a 10s 5p build for the GT? It should work fine shouldn’t it?

I feel like I’m talking to myself a bit here but just for the record… You can use a Bamboo BMS on a Carbon battery. The usual 18650 build with a Bamboo is a 4p10s, the Carbon is 5p10s so the voltages are the same. I finished building mine last night then took it out, running around on fast setting and seeking out hills. I think it’s about the same speed but the power lasts longer before lagging and at the end of my run there was a lot more charge left than I used to get.

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