Can I use a regular longboard truck (for motor)?

For building an e-skate do I need to buy a special dedicated truck (for the motor and the wires)? Can a regular longboard truck be adapted for a motor?

I would recommend looking through some build threads to get an idea of what a ESK8 generally looks like. For someone on their first build you should do lots of research on what parts and kits to get, and don’t cheap out on electronics buy nice or buy twice. You didn’t say much about what you have or what you want. That information is required to help you.

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As I finally figured out how the esc, motor and battery are connected together, the only think that is confusing me now is the fact that I’ve seen on Aliexpress trucks for e-skate with a very strange shape, I mean non-symmetrical right side versus the left side. I would like to know if those trucks are only for longboards with belt motor, or are required for longboards with hub motor as well?

If you buy a kit off AliExpress with (hub?) motors and Trucks it should work out for what its worth. You would have to post a link to what you are looking at so we could understand.

If you are somewhat of a craftsman, you can use a regular truck.

I used a Turnigy mount, modified it, and ground a flat on the truck. I ended up with a triangular cross section on the truck and the mount is not able to rotate on at all it as a result (exactly what you want). I took up any clearance and slop with JB Weld on the mount, and ground it flush (if I painted the mount, you would think it was machined that way). The JB Weld works because it under compression.

Wish I had pics. I have a build thread in here somewhere.

Caveat: I’m a first and recent builder and don’t have a lot of miles on my board.

I used this mount: image

And I don’t have a pic of the bare truck, but these might give you some ideas. image image

Thank you, but the pictures you showed me with the Turnigy mount are for the belt motors. For the hub motors there is no need of mounting a motor mount as the motor is inside of the wheel.

But I still wonder for a hub motor do I still need a special kind of truck? Maybe because wiring to guide the wires to the motor.

So you’re going with hub motors that’s an important information Your truck need to be able to retain the rotation of the inside of the hub, so if your hub is a go through the axis, you need a little square to bloc the rotation

If the hub has its own axis (like meepo or wowgo hub) you need a truck that can clamp on the axis of the hub

The first option is doable yourself with a file on normal truck, the second one is not possible (or way too difficult for the price of the truck)

this truck is an example of a truck designed for hub motors. as you can see the axle is longer than with standard trucks (important!) and the end of the aluminum part is square shaped.

the inside of your hub motor will fit over that square bit so that the inside (stator) stays still and the outside (the actual wheel) will spin. image

here you can see the square notch on the inside of the hub motor. in this example you would mount the hub motors as you would with a normal longboard wheel.

(this is an example. not all hubs work with this square notch!)