Can i use all two UART ports when i set up dual Vesc?

Hey there,

i want to build my 2.0 Electric skateboad. I use dual vesc. I want to contol my ArduBoardController(nunchuck) with one UART port and i want also to set up a HM-10 bluetooth module. My Vescs are connected over Can-bus. Will it work or can i just use one UART port? :slight_smile:

sry for my english im german ^^

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I would think it would work. Basically you have your hm-10 on the slave vesc, it’s receiving it’s commands via the can bus. Just need to activate the uart app on the slave

i want to use the bluetooth module to control the metr app. so you think it will work?

Yes it will. Source: I do almost the same thing