Can I use hg2 with 30q

I ordered a spare 30q but as of yesterday is lost in the mail. And need it for this weekend event.Cant source it local but I can get hg2. Would it be okay to use one hg2 with a 30q pack?

I think so, but only for short term. It will likely become unbalanced or make your pack unbalanced in the long term

Fudge 10char

yeah I wouldnt

ask a vape store near you"?

Trust me i have. Even fb blasted the local vape groups

no way you cant find one near you bro, look whole sale near you and maybe email them and basically beg? :laughing:

i mean i would if it came down to it :man_shrugging:

Is the battery part of a p group? If you are willing to go to desparete measures cut off one cell from each p group to match :joy:

how many do you need?

i’ve got some, if i mail today you’d get by weekend probably.

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Whole guys here had them. But out of stock

Thanks for the offer. I need it really today to finish the build. Test the board and be ready to ride friday

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That would be plan e

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Assuming you’re in vegas, maybe hit up @Michaelinvegas ?

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Good idea 10char

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