Can I use hobbyking ESC for NiMH/NiCd with lion batteries

Hi to all, I am new es builder and accidentally I bought

esc, but when I saw I made a mistake I cancelled my order but hobbyking didn’t refund me my money but left me credit in their store,so I ordered same ESC again.

Now what trobles me and I can’t find answer on google in esc specs it saysit is for lipos or nihcd batteries and I would like to build 12s2p with lions.

Please you’re more experienced than me, can this esc hold lipos without burn.


I don’t know the esc but it says 6s lipo which is 25,2v max, so the same would work only 6s LiIon. The other thing I can see in the specs is „suitable for 4pole motors“ The outrunner motors we usually use for esk8 are 14pole motors.

As @Andy87 says that is a 6s only esc and not great for esk8 be honest. I have a couple for my rc stuff. Great for that. See if you can send it back and get the hk 4.12 vesc instead. This will do everything you want and do it properly.

this one.

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Tjanx for reply. Now I was thinking buying ollin vesc 4.1.2 for 169.99$.it looks very powerful and robust. What do you think too much money or to buy turnigy vesc as you proposed? I find better to invest more than to buy vheap crap and buy ittwice.

If you have the budget the Ollin vesc is great. Otherwise the turnigy one seems to be ok