Can not reply in one topic

I can not reply in the topic “Enertion VESC delay” did I miss something? I tried 1h to find out why but I can not see why


Please put your posts in the correct category.

Is there a reply button at the bottom?

nope, theres no reply button

I have the same issue, I thought it was jus me :o. @laurnts please ignore the PM .

sorry, what you say makes sense (I thought my problem was related to the MARKET category (so others with same probs in MARKET could see this right away)

anybody knows the reason?

hellllooooooo!!! still doesnt work can one of the admins help pls?

still have the problem in “market”

can you post a screenshot of what you see?

hi K-girl its in many threads in the Market forum. the one I mean is the (and others too) is my status “too low” or what could be the reason?


there´s no REPLY button

its probably your level.

@onloop @carl.1 @lowGuido @barajabali @claudiofiore88 that sound right?

Yeah. Most likely level. Read more topics and reply to some more topics and you should be good to go.

I did a lot already. is there a count when you get “upgraded”?

@onloop would know what is going on here.

You are trust level 2. I believe you have to be trust level 3 to sell things but you should be able to reply to market topics. I have no idea what is going on here.

I’ve gone ahead and made you a level 3 member. If that doesn’t solve your problem, then @onloop is gonna need to jump in here.

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…and a reliable contributor that makes our community great (AGAIN) :grin:

edit: IT WORKS!!! thanks a lot!

No problem.