Can not stop the VESC

Hi, I am using the Focbox to build a robocar. I have some questions I hope you guys can help me. I know most of you are building skate board, but you guys use the Focbox a lot so your expertise may help me. For my car, I send some computer messages to the Focbox to navigate the car. Once I stop sending the message, the car will stop immediately. Recently I found, however, it was no longer the case. Even when I stop sending message, the car continue move, at a slower speed. This is a big problem for me. Do you know why?

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How are you sending your commands?

Computer messages, obviously.



Pretty sure that means USB?

So you are in the VESC tool or other means of interfacing from PC to VESC?

Not hooked up to a Arduino or other microcontroller?

A good simple play would be to use normal RC multi channel Receivers PWM output to VESCs