Can somebody explain why you would want to use 2x focbox unitys?

Like whats the point? I see dual focbox builds all the time that are 2wd (I know 4wd is a point for dual focboxes) but besides 4wd, whats the point of spening $600 when you could just spend $300 (cough and still wait a year and a half)

I think you’re confusing focboxes and their dual &updated counterpart, the unity.


i probably, im fairly new, but I’ve seen dual to focbox unity builds regardless

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Yeah I think your confused…

You need 2x focbox for 2wd or 1 unity for 2wd, also focbox’s are no longer in production

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focbox unity is two motor controllers on one PCB, controlling 2 motors.

The dual focbox builds you see uses singular focboxes, the old version where it’s a single controller on a single pcb (hence 2/dual are needed, controlling 1 motor each).

Dual unities are only for 4wd builds.

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Besides 4wd…build 2 separate boards?

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Thank you all for sorting through my slightly out of line peanut brain

This makes a lot more sense now. On Enertions website it doesn’t show the older Focboxes so I always assumed it was 2x Unities in those “Dual Focboxes” builds (since thats all I knew existed)

Thank you all for responding :slight_smile:


No, they were dumb and discontinued their highest selling product (the single focbox) for the unity.


I guess you’re kinda right… They should’ve left the tab on their website but made it grayscale and said it was discontinued so at least I know wtf it is lol

I keep hoping they’ll release a new single focbox. But i don’t think they will. Was the only product i used from enertion.

Maybe someday lol

I’m pretty sure someone is going to beat them to it

:wink: @torqueboards

Maybe. Maybe not. #freebox

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I think u can use two or more escs on a single motor. Seen that. A giant motor one esc couldn’t supply enough amps