Can someone check 2x6s lipo balance lead diagram for 12s BMS (solved)

cant seem to find anything on the forum in regards to a schematic of wiring the balance leads of 2 6s lipos in series.

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I have 2 6s that I need to wire in series

It’s the same concept, dude.

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i’m really not trying to be mean, but you may wanna stay away from wiring things yourself and pay someone to make one for you

I know how to wire things I just don’t want to do anything before I get a schematic that I understand fully, that’s all.

i mean, after the battery incident. I think you soldering potentially high voltage connections isn’t a good idea.

again, not trying to be mean. just trying to save you from a potential fire

I don’t mind trying, I’ve been practicing since then. I just need to understand how to wire the balance leads in series

no man, u don’t do anything with the balance leads. I meant u series your two 6s packs.

the balance leads get directly connected to the bms.

please, go look at the diagrams post, there’s some good examples there.

oh, I already have my packs wired in series

how do I know which balance lead is 1,2,3,4-12. How would I go about marking them? Which lead do I start with??

The battery pack that supplies negative to the system is battery number 1 The battery pack that supplies positive to the system is the last battery in sequence.

With two 6s batteries in series. Battery 1 supplies cells 1-6 Battery 2 supplies cells 7-12

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does this diagram look right?

also my packs balance leads are all black except for the positive of course. How do I know which one is ground if they are all black??

This thread raises an interesting question… I have been using 2 6s Lipos and charging them independently (each one on a 6s external balance charger), but running them in a 12s configuration when they’re inside of my board.

This theoretically could mean that while all 6 cells within a single pack are at the same voltage, each group of 6 across the two packs could be at two different voltages (even though the charging ‘ends’ at ~25.2 volts for both packs, independently, according to the charger, an IMAX B6 clone.)

Will connecting the two packs that were not balance charged with each other lead to issues down the line?

@craj1031tx No problem, the voltages are just being added. The other parameters of the two packs must be the same though(Ah, C rating)

Your diagram looks wrong to me.

This might help you.

I have not used this BMS, so I’m asking for OP’s sake.

Is the “B-” bottom balance tab on the balance connector connected to the main battery lead “B-” tab?