Can someone make me a drive train? evolve gt trucks

hello i want to make a stealth hub esk8, but also i want to carve with those sick gt trucks from evolve. i want 2 hubs fitting a gt truck… can someone make me that custom?!?

gr sam

No need for custom, just get the trucks and modify them to fit Maytechs 90mm hubs and it should be okay.

It should only take a file and an hour of your time.

yes but hub motors are wider than normal wheels so i need to make the trucks fitting so make longer axles and make such sqaure to fite a hub motor… is that easy?? :o:

hub motors are wider than nomral wheels, so the truck need to have longer axles and also such sqaure…

The rear Evolve trucks have a longer axle for the bearing you should be able to modify it a little and make it work.

This is basicly the only way to get it to work unless your willing to use 1000+ just on the drivetrain since people would have to make a new hub motor from 0 and they most likely wont do it if its just for one person.