Can someone tell me what happened, thank you

Hi I’m starting testing different motor And my last test for some motor . I have some difficulty to do motor detection like the vesc tool told my : we can’t detect motor flux linkage And tried 2 or 3 time for each motor for make it work Any idea what happened ? Thank you

send pictures of the settings and motor?

Your sensor wires might be wired incorrectly

Please provide more information. To me it sounds like you have a bad motor or a bad vesc. What faults do you get?

Hi know I check them and is good

When I do motor detection the 1 step work but when I do the 2 set when the wheel turne I have to do it 2 or 3 time for the tool detect the motor flux linkage Same for the second motor I did it and know everything work but I don’t know why I have to do 2 to 3 time for make it work is bizarre for me

No I check and is going

Do the same with the sensor or not

try both bldc motor detection and FOC motor detection. What are your resistances in the motor? WHat does the vesctool say? When you do motor detection, set the current abit higher then default, sometimes its too weak. What power source are you using when setting up?

I have the same issues here PLUS that after motor and input setup my motors almost doing nothing when pushing the throttle on remote.

My solution for now - just a couple of minutes ago - was using BLDC mode without sensors. Because that worked. I never had this behaviour before. And in my case also trying 2-3 times detection fails. It fails everytime.

I was able to get flux linkage detection working by setting the D value from 0,5 to 0,3 but that didn’t help with my problem.

For me I do it 2 to 3 time and it work after I run 13 miles and everything work ok

I use the battery 12s7p But after doing 2 or 3 time it detect the motor flux And know I run 13 miles everything look good