Can’t recall the name of a upcoming new esk8 wheel company

Hey guys, having trouble remembering this one esk8 company that was making a new wheel. I believe it costed 70$ to get and they had a pneumatic hub and used thane like gummies. They also did tests comparing their wheels to others and had a vibration water test thingy. They had a bucket of water in the middle of a deck and they measured how much water was lost vs other wheels on the market

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they were here, but then we showed them the invention of the bucket lid and they never wasted another drop, again.


Yeah looks like it was closed, found it anyway…

do you mean storm boards Or Skullboard

I didnt click the link, but thats likely one of the threads that was closed due to him posting a whole new thread everytime he has an update lol

I just wanted free wheels why did you guys have to screw it up :sob: :joy:

Thanks @dougpage, that’s the one, their websites is also down