Can these esc work on an electric mountainboard

Can these work for an electric mountainboardScreenshot_20180713-115115

I used that diyboard esc on my trampa mountain board just for a couple lof weeks while i waited for my Max6’s to arrive, Was ok for roads/paths but dont over work it with serious offroad tracks ect! In short, Yes it works but i wouldn’t trust it to be durable or last a particular long time.

Thankyou, I’m currently deciding weather I should get vescs or max 6’s

For a mountain board id definitely recommend Max6, their basically bulletproof! I believe there’s a thread on the forum about, Max6 vs Vesc, i remember reading it when i was was trying to to decide the very same thing.

‘Edit’ found it -

Thank you.

I have two differents builds.

  1. DUAL HOBBYWING XERUN 6S 190KV 14/45 (sensored)

  2. DUAL FOCBOX 12S 130KV 11/40 (sensored FOC)

The XERUNS 6S manage “real” off-road better than the FOCBOX 12S.