Can we disable Ctrl+F to forum search?

It’s fairly annoying to try to use ctrl+f to find something on the page and the forum takes over and tries to search the forum instead.


I find it very useful, there is a box to check to search the topic or entire forum when u are in a topic

Yea but, it’s much faster to just ctrl+f and start typing. I find myself using the page search much more than a whole forum search. I don’t know if most users agree with this. If not, I’ll just deal with it :slight_smile:


@Jinra the mods will keep an eye on this thread and if there is a lot of support we can talk to the admin to change the setting.


I think the Integrated search is better beause it also serches the posts in the topic that arent already loaded. So no need to scroll down completely to load all stuff.


I like the integrated search, but I don’t like when anything intentionally disables my computer’s built-in controls. Please don’t remap Ctrl+F but please do leave the integrated search icon there for us to use. If you want me to help change it, I can do that, too

i HATE it as well. especialy sicne its not nearly doing what a normal “search on this page” would do


You can just press Ctrl+F twice and it will toggle the regular page search (at least on opera and chrome)


wohoo! this actualy does work. workarround accepted!


I could be wrong, but I believe that the whole thread(topic) isn’t loaded when you open it. So “Ctrl+f” would be pretty useless in most cases since it would only include comments you’ve scrolled by.

Ninja edit; seems I’m wrong :slight_smile:

nah your not wrong. bu i realy need the highlight feature which the build in forum search just doesnt provide. so usualy i just load the whole thread and search in then.

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how? by scrolling down 1.4k posts?

This doesn’t work at all in Firefox or Chromium

My vote is give us a search button (like you do) and don’t break our browser (like you do)

That would be the best of both worlds. Why not? Seriously, what reason is there not to?

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How if a thread is huge, and not fully loaded, browsers search wont work with the whole page from my experience

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My vote is to disable it too or at least change it so it doesn’t overlap with the browser shortcut.

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OMFG IM NOT THE ONLY ONE, yes please atleast give us an option to disable and enable it.


I vote not to. The forum is dynamically loading and paging the threads and even though you “load enitire thread” the beginning will be lost. Besides you can always get to CTRL+F search by pressing ALT+D and then CTRL+F.

@SilentException That’s not the same as a browser Ctrl+F

I find myself clicking the address bar and press Ctrl+F to use browser search. The same thing happens when you press Alt+D then Ctrl+F. But seriously, I find the forum taking over keyboard shortcuts annoying. We have the magnifying glass icon for that. I’m glad someone already talked about this back in 2016.

I just hit Ctrl+F twice and the second time it brings me to the Chrome one.

Simple problem solved.