Can you get a smooth take off on sensorless brushless motors

Hi I was wondering if it’s possible to a smooth take off with a sensorless brushless motor. I say videos with people using Turnigy sk3 motors and max6 escs and they are getting a smooth take off.

with a smooth kick and throttle control i dont see why not… I never have an issue

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Thats the esc programing, combined with your weight on the board that gives that smooth take off…shaves off any rough edges so to speak. Car escs were the thing to use in esk8 because of the fact that it had brakes …and the throttle curves weren’t too bad. Still a very viable option for diy builds today to keep cost down.

Yes, I am running a ebay substitute esc and the take off even in sensorless is extremely smooth with no cogging. I think this is because it runs foc

Motors should all be used with sensors, sensored hybrid FOC is amazing

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Never tried FOC…so many issues early on, but it seems to be good to go now and I’m thinking about giving it a shot. Have you tried ackmnaiac’s firmware on bldc, if so how does the FOC hybrid compare?

I was a BLDC fan, always stayed far away from FOC, however once I tried it on my Focbox I was sold, then slowly increased my current until full battery max discharge and I’ve been using it on all my builds ever since even on my a Pho3nix running off road and never had any single issue.

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On FOC do you get the annoying full brake once the speed drops to 1-2mph? I’ve read about it before, but never paid much attention because it never happened on my other boards. Now I have a board running FOC which is very smooth and quiet, but the full brake is annoying.

What is your gearing? I get the full brake thing on FOC but I have just learned to deal with it.

I think it’s inaccurate to call it a full brake. When I am slowing down, a lot of the time I am already going “full brake” … -100% registered by the ESC… and at the last second or two it goes like 5x stronger.

Well, now I know the point that happens and I just let off the brake down to about a quarter and I get a perfect hard stop but not excessive belt skippingly hard… you just gotta feel it out… I think I kinda like it.

Roughly 3:1 on 7inch pneumatics. I’m starting to get used to it, but would prefer not to have it.

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Wanted to do sensered goc but dont know what setting to use with the focbox…