Can you help me ? Are there enought?

Hi Electric Skateboard builders,

I am very new this job and I research very long time to build electric mountain board. These are my items ;


Motors x2

ESC x2


I will do it with 18650 battery

I will make motor mounts and sprockets adapters

Are there enought to make electric skateboard ? If you know better items, can you suggest me ?

I recommend you take a look at this thread


definitely good parts for an esk8. If this is your first board, one 6374 and esc will be plenty. However if you want crazy mental powerful torque, i would stick to the 2 motors. you’ll find though that thess motors are not very good at taking off from a standstill as they are not sensored. If you want sensored 6374’s go for the sk8 range by HobbyKing, alien power systems, torqueboards or even @JLabs at buildkitboards. Those esc’s are just vescs so yes they are perfect (unless you have unlimited money and want to go with a focbox . Just be sure to make a battery pack that has sufficient amp output

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Thank you your answer. I want to ask that what happen if I use motors without sensored ? Because I don’t have unlimited money, I am trying to make electric skateboard more effectively with less money. And what is focbox? ?

They will still work fine, I one 6374 sensorless and it works fine. Focbox is a setting where your skateboard runs really quiet, but people have reported blowing out their VESC on Focbox. Bldc mode will work fine.

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@jake2k17 no its not my sir, @keremthesiradan a focbox6is a different esc that can run FOC mode. FOC mode is much more stressful on components as the setting is (field oriented control). FOC mode is better for sensored motors as it can choose where to put power according to the position of the motor. It does make your motor quieter, but if not using a focbox, will most likely blow your esc. Using unsensored motors just means that you won’t be able to take off from a standstill very well as it clogs. Once you push start though the motors run great For your build, one sk8-esc and one sk3-6374 will be more than enough for a budget built

@mynamesmatt In my country (Turkey), there are lots of hills so I am using 2 motors. And I said I am very new in this job so sometimes I cannot understand some information. If my items will work effectively, it is enough for me. If it can run and it can break, it is enough for me :smile: So you say that these are enough right ?

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if there are lots of hills (like very steep) i would go with 2 motors. the more motors, the more pulling power. you won’t get more speed, just pulling power. If you are planning on saving some money, look into lipo batteries on HobbyKing. They are cheaper than 18650’s (if you want to use 2 motors you’ll want about a 10s4p-5p which won’t be cheap) Lipos can deliver the same power for a cheaper price