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Can you hook up dual motors to a single motor esc?

Can you hook up dual motors to a single motor esc? I have a 200 amp 8s esc and am curious if splitting the motor wires between 2 motors would even be possible. What are you thoughts? Has anyone ever tried this? Would it just damage the esc and/or motors?

short answer: No.

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ya, it wouldn’t be good… you’d probably destroy both motors and esc in the progress…

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Oh, ok. I figured you couldn’t.

You could use a Y connector and it would work as it would give it voltage.

However, you wouldn’t want to use it as no ESC is rated for it plus for the same price you might as well just buy another ESC.

Since we stand on it. One motor = one esc unless it’s an ESC which is specifically designed for two motors.

Do they even make such a beast? Wouldn’t phase timing be an issue?

They don’t make one. Usually, it’s singles and you join them together. The only reason why people might suggest there is a dual esc is because of Flier ESC and their dual esc but it’s pretty much just two singles with the ESC Signal Wire connected together.

Every dual ESC I’ve ever had my hands on was definitely just two singles soldered together at the edge with jumper wires and a single heat spreader joining them together. In fact i’ve recently formed the opinion that two singles might just be the best most flexible option. It definitely provides a clear upgrade path when starting out as well as the opportunity (when using them in a dual setup) to create two boards from one by simply buying another battery and receiver. Not to mention when a dual burns out, both ESCs are now bad. I have two dual ESCs in boxes now that have allowed their magic smoke to escape and i’m willing to bet only one side of each of them has an issue.

im pretty sure if you tried the Y motor option ( Y is this even an option?) you would come into all sorts of differential problems (omg I said differential. don’t kill me)
because the wheels are almost always going different speeds the single ESC would not be able to do the different phase timing for each motor and as a result something will die.

i never tried it before . mine is 2 escs + 2 bldc motors . my set up are 80% ready . so i need not figure so much to build it .

but some expert youtubers showed positive results .
theres so many videos about 1 esc powering 2 motors .
this is one of them

at the end of the video , the person says “…provided the load is not greater than the esc capability …”

i’d say , good luck !

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It obviously works for situations where your motors can rotate with the exact same speed. Propellers and such.
But once the speed between both motors is different, phases will get out of sync.
I wonder if on an eboard the speed differential would be great enough to cause problems though.

For eBoard this is not possible because the motor will be spinning in oposite direction unless you put the motors on the same side of the board front and back, in short just not practical.

Just switch two phase wires.

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Maybe if you decided to run brushed motors somehow you could run them off one esc lol

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I have two identical motors. can I drive them (Sensorless Mode) using single VESC?

If the the axles can move independent; no, then both motors need unique field control.

Both motors will be moving in the same direction. There won’t be any speed change between motors. Both Motors will have the same RPM. If so is it possible? TIA :slight_smile: