Can you rear mount motors on enertion mounts?

You’re right about the trucks, that could be an issue (I haven’t tested) but the belt size should be exactly the same as the distance from motor mount to centre of the axle should be exactly the same as if it was the other way around…

thanks @WARMAN and everyone else for the help and suggestions.

I actually already ordered a mount from korryh but of course I am super impatient to get my board finished and get riding.

I think i will wait for the KorryH mount rather than hacking up the enertion mount which will come in handy down the line when i upgrade to 2 motors.

I was always planning on replacing the deck anyways, this is my first build and i am treating it as an alpha project so i can make my mistakes on a dirt cheap maple deck then (hopefully) get the job done to the standard i will be happy with on the 2nd deck.


which is the problem, too short for reverse mounting