Can you rear mount motors on enertion mounts?

I have a customer that wants to use enertion mounts to rear mount his motors as his enclosure is too big. Not sure if this is possible never try’d and cant find any info on it but would save him buying another deck if someone has managed this and wants to share how.

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From what I know you cant…the mount would go in the direction of the ground…

You can’t rear mount Enertion mounts. There’s a number of other mounts on here that will work such as @torqueboards, @korryh, and some others.

He’s from the uk though so probably didn’t want to pay shipping from the US and I offered free shipping! Thanks though.

We do have reverse motor mounts now.


What are you talking about, you could always reverse mount!

(just kidding)

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haha this is true…

Nice! Are they 100% aliminium? Just some info for the thread why are you able to reverse these on caliber trucks and not enertions mounts. I personally prefer under the board especially when I see police!

Mine are reversible too

No problems with mine they just work forward or reverse. Though, I don’t make them for caliber any more. -Only about 10 other truck brands with some consistency.


May as well upload a photo since the title of the thread is about reversible mounts! More the merrier!

You can do it if you flip the aluminium upside down and file the rounded part…

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Thanks @darkkevind sure I heard this ages ago but couldn’t find it again!

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With the angle manipulation being severely limited, I wonder how this fill fit; especially with the short c distance.

This is an image flipped upside down. You just need to file the round part (where I’ve highlighted) and jiggle the CF part a little…

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7075 Aluminum.

We have the shorter motor mounts for mounting inward.

I wanted some reversible mounts though for those who want to ride a deck with a foot pocket or want to maximize deck size.

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Yea I get how it’ll fit, but with my reverse setup I use a 280mm belt for 73mm c distance. On my other board I use the Enertion mount with 265mm belt for a shorter c distance. I wouldn’t be able to go much shorter than 280mm on reverse mount on 63mm motors without hitting the trucks. And seeing as how you can barely change the angle on enertion mounts, your motors might be hitting the trucks.

@torqueboards thanks for the info…what you quoted that I said was meant for @psychotiller but he’s edited his comment with a pic! Thanks

doh… i feel like you were waiving at the guy behind me now… lol :cry: ackward

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Haha! 10 chars