Can you upgrade a Meepo V3 with a 10s4p?

Hi all, I recently bought a used Meepo V3 to help teach my girlfriend how to ride an eboard. The board that I got (unbeknownst to me) wont charge, and everything points to the battery being dead from not being charged for an excess of time. I have an old Evolve GTR 10s4p battery pack from an old project I was working on and I was interested in seeing if there is a way I could connect it to the Meepo. I had a hard time finding information on the ESC and BMS in the Meepo so I’ve been putting off the project. Has anyone done this or know what is necessary to connect the battery to the board? I will have to remove the cells from the PCB that Evolve uses to get their system and make it on compatible with any outside products. Another words I will have to take the cells off and build my own cell packs using the batteries from the Evolve unit, but after I have a standalone 10s4p from the Evolve sells and I’ve wired them to an aftermarket BMS what is required to be able to safely connect that to the Meepo ESC system?

Hi! Just a question. Have you checked what is the actual problem with the Meepo battery? I mean taking of the the shrinkwrap and measure the cells. It might be possible to save it by charge the cellpacks up individually if they are not to low and or broken.

I do not know what type of BMS Meepo uses or if the ESC are in need for any communication with the BMS. If not, then you can put whatever 10S battery you want on that board.

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You should not take lithium batteries apart if you don’t know what you’re doing, it is VERY dangerous.

Lithium batteries do get permanently destroyed if they sit for an excessive amount of time without being charged, and the symptom is no longer charging. There is a reason the battery cuts off charge in this state — it’s because it’s no longer safe to use. Lithium batteries can burn down your house if you don’t follow safety precautions.

Yes if course, always be careful :+1::hugs:

But even if he does not take the battery apart, he can check inside the battery case. I have read about Meepo V3 that has broken leads that goes to the charging port, so it just needs to be soldered back in place. I do not know if that problem is common but its worth checking out :+1:

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I talked to a friend of mine who’s an electronics engineer, and he looked at the battery for me and confirmed that the actual battery had too low voltage to charge with the standard charger. He said he would take a pack apart for me and jumpstart each individual cell one at a time since he has the tools and knowledge to do it safely. He hasn’t had the time to take on the project quite yet but I will find out what the exact issue is once he gets around to disassembling the Cell pack. Funny enough, he actually has a Meepo V3 of his own and built himself a spare battery that he can use when the other battery dies. Once he takes care of jumpstarting the batteries he said he would help me build a larger cell pack for the Meepo from my Evolve 10s4p that I’m currently not using.

If any cell has gone below 2.5V, they are not safe to charge or use.