Canandian Battery Builders?

Anybody in Canada who builds batteries? In need of some 180 mm shrink tubing, hoping to not have to cover shipping that costs more than the product. Some had been ordered from AliExpress, and came preshrunk!! That basically puts my build behind another month!!! (I’m sure you’ve all felt my pain at one point or another)

@longhairedboy sells shrink tube in his online store, and fairly priced I might add, but the shipping costs twice as much as the tube! Not to mention my Canadian funnymoney is virtually worthless compared to the US Trumpbills…

If any of you hosers are willing to part with a chunk of heat shrink for a battery build, or maybe my southern neighbors might be able to spare some? That would really help put the project back on it’s feet!

Thanks guys,


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what’s your zip? maybe i can make the shipping less aweful.

Pm’d ya…

I prefer the canadian peso


oh god no matter what i do the shipping to Canadastan is just terrible.

Sorry about the Canadastan thing but ever since i heard a white supremacist call it that i haven’t stopped laughing at the sheer ignorance of it so it has now become a personal meme of mine because i love openly mocking nazis.


try first class usps. it was only like $6 for a big envelope. from Cali to Can. :wink:

Thanks for the heads up Saul.

I can build u one if shipping isn’t bad

,I have some shrink tube. Ali express took so long I had to use some 300mm + cut in half and CA glued it together to cover my battery. It came like 30 days too late. How much do you need? I have 40" and I’m just outside Toronto. I would be happy to keep half. If you need more than 20" the you can take it all.

I still have your address and can check shipping. I’ll PM you my cell and you can text me if you like to get quicker answers.

Talk to you soon eh

Hey man, thanks. I appreciate the offer but i think I’m sorted out now.

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Reviving this to see if anyone can build within Canada or ship to Canada for a decent price? Im in the market for a new battery in the next little while… Don’t know the configuration yet just know I’ll want 10s… Gonna end up getting a new deck and enclosure too so those are both gonna be fsctors

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Where you at?

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There isn’t much in the Toronto area been searching and building my own now…and another reason I stick to high c lipo power to funny money ratio …we can get cells from vape shops all over if you search but the builder part I haven’t found. Cory and Benjamin from Hyper ion gave me the best deals for battery service and to get shipping into canadastan give him a shout.

HAHAHAHA I think I peed laughing Edit: bego racing has great deal for SMC racing lipo battery’s they are in Quebec no exchange rate and cheap shipping and if your into learning how to building battery’s there are those winfly packs and those akalut pcb parrellel cell packs that ppl are selling all over that seem pretty easy to build off of…

Located in little north of toronto

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hmm, kinda what i’d imagined…gonna keep trying to see if i cant find someone to build me a pack, otherwise ill probably just get another set of high discharge lipos

There’s a guy here locally who built my first pack. He’s sometimes on the forum. I can vouch he did a great job. Very thorough, tremendous customer service. Not sure if he’s still taking orders and not sure his battery situation but worth a try… Paging @RootedSuperuser


I’m in Winnipeg and I’ve built a couple packs and shipped them to fellow Canadians on this forum. I don’t like to do it all the time, so I don’t advertise it :stuck_out_tongue: If you can get me the cells you want, I can build it, but it might be easier to go with someone who already has cells on hand?

I’ll put my name out there as well built 2 12s4p and one 10s3p last year for myself and another local. I’m out in edmonton with lionpuncher though so you’d still need to ship the pack :frowning:

Look at that! My fellow dudes offer to lend a hand in true Canadian fashion. I wanted to also offer, but I have a toddler and a brand new baby, so you’d probs not like how long it’d take me… :hourglass_flowing_sand: :triumph:

tu peu en commander de hobbyking , je crois que j’en ai peu etre pour toi