CANBUS issue... Slave vesc not doing anything

For some reason my CANBUS is no longer working. I have my sale vesc set up but its not doing anything when i use the remote or the arrow keys. I took a volt meter and when i touch the two pins I get a steady beep which to me sounds like there is a short but i dont know where to start looking. Everything else on that vesc works fine its just acting like CANBUS isnt set up. One thing that is kind of confusing though is when i setup my master everything works so i disconnect and then hook up the second vesc and go to the this is my slave vesc but it says this vesc is not hooked up to an input when it is hooked up to the usb unless they mean input as the remote… Maybe a better question is the steps to setting canbus up…

connect to master vesc and setup remote disconnect. connect to slave vesc and setup as slave vesc disconnect.

Check pins on canbus or vesc?

on canbus I actually ended resoldering the transceiver and it fixed the issue and way to delete this post?