[CANCELLED] [CAPE TOWN] Scrapping my build for parts

Hi guys, after a failed attempt at building a board, I’m selling my parts. I have had enough!!! I broke my motor and have reached the limit for how much I am willing to re-buy parts for. Software is throwing me DRV failure but I suspect it’s due to the broken motor because the VESC seems fine.

  • 2x Zippy Compact 3s 5a

  • 1x Zippy Compact 2s 5a

  • [BONUS] salvaged 1s 5a

  • 4 Battery series harness

  • 4.12 VESC, returnable for full refund if it doesn’t work :wink:

  • Drivetrain: Caliber trucks with Chinese mount grub-screwed and puttied on, 3m HTD belt and pullies, 60mm ABEC Flashback wheels with gear cog hammered in.

  • WINNING mini remote and receiver.

  • Bluetooth adapter, never been used.

Preferably trying to sell in Cape Town area. Hit me up with offers / questions / for pictures

UPDATE - I have received a donation towards finishing my build! So holding off on hte scrapping for now.