Cannot map pulse length on VESC 6.4 with Arduino as receiver

Hi, so I hooked up my Arduino to the VESC 6.4 with Signal and GND going through 10k Ohm Resistors. The resistors were neccessary, because otherwise the VESC would power the Arduino. Somehow I cannot get the VESC app to show any kind of pulse length data. It always says “please activate realtime data and measure the pulse length first.” I tried all kinds of things, but cannot get it to work. What am I doing wrong? I feel that is should at least display some random data.

To check my connections, I let the Arduino control a small servo and that worked fine.

If you don’t want the vesc to power the Arduino, why do you plug anything else then signal into the vesc in the first place?

Because… I personally don’t know. I followed advice from all kinds of people. And I belive they need a common ground to transmit the signal at all. I powerd a servo once on its own and only connected signal. That didn’t work.