Cant find 395mm belt

Hey guys, So I built a board recently but my belt is way to thigth 380mm I have torqueboard 6" pneumatique tires and Caliber II Motor Mount with Idler Tensioner For that, I think I need a 395mm - 390mm belt because I can only tension it with an idler (motor mount designs)

I can’t seem to find any belt that size and one that doesn’t have 100$ shipping (understandable I think :confused: ) If anyone could send me link and help that would be great

My board (using super thigth belts at the point I I cant even mount the idler to tension it)

can we see a closer picture of the motor mount & pulley etc.

side on picture



yea 1s let me get one for you


idk how you even got the thing on there lmao, yeah you want the belt to be able to turn to a 45deg angle but no more.

Thanks, and give the good cat a belly rub will ya

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That’s really tight, don’t run it like that.

Typically one more tooth makes a huge difference, try 390 like has been suggested

Do you think I should get 395 because I currently have 385

I’d try a 390-5M-15 synchronous timing belt

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410mm is far too loose if you were wondering

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