Cant get flipsky vx1 to work over uart

Hi all,

I just got a Flipsky vx1, but cant get it to work over uart, what baud rate should be set in the bldc tool ?

The remote does connect to te receiver, as the battery voltage is displayed correctly, I just cant control my board. Tried to connect over PPM, works like charm. But id like to try UART…

Focbox vesc (hw v 4.12, flashed with irmware v 2.54) Ackmaniac vesc tool (2.54)

Kr, Ikjahaa

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Try a rate of 9600.

Ive tried that. Also, not sure, but, do i have tot enable both uart and ppm, or is uart only fine ?

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Set CAN status to true on your master, and try the baudrate of 115200.

I am using a single motor setup, do i still need tot enable can then ?

Tried 11520, doesnt help. Strange thing is that, once set to 11520, my usb connection gets lost if I turn in my flipsky vx1 remote.

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