Cant get motors to turn independently

Im using vesc tool, and I am using what i believe is the 4.20 dual flipsky esc (the one joined together) and im using the vesc tool to program it. I am using a 2 ppm inputs for the escs, and whenever i try to setup the input, it uses one of the ppm inputs for both motors. I know this works becuz i did it a year ago, but i completely forgot what voodoo i did to make it work. If anyone can help, it would be appriciated. I know this isn’t for a skateboard, but this is the best place i think i could find info.

have you got a screen shot of your app configuration? under the remote settings, “Multiple ESCs over can” ?

Probably got something to do with that.

On the “master” ESC which is seizing control over the other one, uncheck “Multiple ESCs Over CAN” option in the “App Settings” > “PPM” > “General” menu

Try turning the switch to single and set up master.