Can't recommend Torqueboard 6374's [Both broken within 2 Weeks]

Long story short. Bought Motors, waited fairly long. Test ride worked, Both broke within 2 Weeks and not even 30km.

Ordered Parts from Torqueboard [VESC’s and 2 6374 Motors] at the end of December. It arrived on the 29th of January.

I wasn’t able to test it out because i ordered Motor mounts from “Idea” later and they took a bit of time. Fast forward to March 1st where i ordered a Motor Mount from Electricboardsolutions to bypass the waiting time for ideas Mount.

5km after the first ride the Motor started clicking in a high pitched tone. Immediately stopped and carried it back home, just to see that the Magnet retaining ring was loose.

Contacted Support. Luckily i’m within the 60 Days warranty. I have to send it to the great US and A (from Germany) for them to “epoxy the ring back on”. I took some days off and waited for further assistance from TB.

Good thing i had a spare Motor, right? Yes but actually no. It just broke after 22km with the same problem. The Magnet retaining ring came loose.

Whats the verdict? I won’t buy from TB again. Maybe i was just unlucky but i won’t take the risk again.

Youtube Video

Youtube from somebody else. Same problem

I think your just unlucky :rofl:

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As a recommendation for any motor you buy, add epoxy on the magnet rings and Loctite on the axle where it meats the can before you ride them fur the first time. It will save you so much headaches, if you ride pneumatics motors will last longer but not forever, unless you prepare them as stated.

I have tried all motors in the market and all of them have failed on these areas, vibration is a killer of bolted parts.


I’ll do that when my warranty has run out and i’m on my own.

Yes, i used 90mm Wheels but planned to use 8" pneumatics. [Planned is the wrong word, i already have all neccessary parts]

6 torqueboard motors, all dead :smile: I love my life


I’ll chime in I guess,

I’ve had two from TB and they have worked flawlessly for the past year. I had to replace the grub screws that secure the can to the shaft on one of the motors after about 10 months.

For my next set if these die anytime soon I’ll probably do the epoxy thing just to be safe.

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You forgot to add all the other motors :rofl::rofl:

I think this may qualify as vender bashing @mmaner