Can't run now after run perfectly!

This is clip what now happen

Ok first my esc is fsesc 6.6 dual motor i have 2 motor but i plug only one motor ( 2 wd ) to esc and set up and its work fine after that i plug two motor but when i set i plug only one motor ( hows stupid of me ) when full speed about 10 s with red light show in esc normally it have only blue and green. It wont run any more with remote control but its work as normal when set up wizard in vesc tool , motor can spin normal fw ,bw ,slow spin,fast spin i am not sure what problem bad esc bad remote reciever module , i cant fix it out pls help me Thank

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You probably burned out the chip. It is not recommended to use a dual esc for a single motor set up.

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Make sure your app setting is set to uart.