Capacitor PCB / Board

Hey I’ve got some spare 63v low ESR quality caps and I know I should wire them in parallel but I’d like to use a PCB to do this. I’ve seen @onloop post about the Enertion one that VESC-X / FOCBOX use and have a couple of VESC-x (pre-FOCBOX).

Is there any source of Vedder’s design for this aside from Enertion? I think that they will not be available to buy except as part of a FOCBOX

Vedder did make a design for this

@chaka @goldenHusky @DeathCookies @esk8 @fottaz @Kaly @barajabali do you have anything?

I have one shared out on OshPark

ESK8 capacitor board

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Thanks, I’m in Ireland but hopefully shipping would not be a prob. Looking now at ordering a few

Cool, resources coming out of the woodwork, axle also sell from their webstore, ding ding ding

Thanks @DougM I’ve placed an order :slight_smile:

Wondering if possible to remove(snip?) or carefully break the PCB on either end to take off one of the three cap positions from the PCB without destroying it?

I bought these deluxe VESC cases and it would be a shame to not use them, to me only two caps will fit side-by-side in it

Dimensions 110x47x26

one end of the board has the extra length that comprises a mount-hole, so you can remove that end easily. Would it fit then?

just make sure you don’t breathe in the dust while you’re cutting the board. It’s really bad.

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I’ll watch out for the ould Silicosis for sure :slight_smile:

No idea but I can only chop on one side, then insulate the chopped end to avoid a short, the case is aluminium so that would be a distinct possibility

Oh and I think @sl33py may also have some for anyone looking, found a post on ES

I was just thinking about this, legit gentlemen, thanks.

So OshPark delivered me 3 superbly made PCBs, room for 3 caps on the board, but like I said it would have to be cut down to 2 caps for teh VESC enclosure I have.

Here’s the thing though on inspection of the Vanda VESCs, they seem to have one brutish cap hard wired in, 63v and 200Uf capacity, wondering if that is enough? Seems to be X 100Uf caps in a FOCBOX, so maybe this is a pointless step I’m doing and should just through them into the enclosures and be done.

Voltage spike with a single 2200Uf 63V cap, that’s not going to happen right?

Traces in this pcb are so simple you can make your own with 2 copper pieces and some random piece of wood, plastic or whatever non conductive thing you can find

thanks I hear you, I’m thinking though that 2200Uf is enough already is the real question

It fits the standard 3x 680uf caps in the bom perfectly

If you search the rc forums, the rule of thumb most are using one small cap (230/280? or something) per 10cm of battery-esc wire. Apparently smaller caps have some marginal gain over larger ones. Some of the manufacturers are recommending this in their literature as well.

edit: I had a look at my YGE cap banks and they are 63v 330uf (x5) and 390uf (x9).

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Smaller ones most of the time have lower ESR, thats why they are preffered.

Thanks I’m good so

If you need more of those enclosures let me know, I got the remaining stock :wink:

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