Carbon/bamboo/Ahorn Longboard deck in EU

Hi everyone.

I am on the look for a deck for my new board build. I will be using the deck with a dual motor setup on 218mm tourqeboard trucks with 6 inch Wheels.

I really like the Evolve deck types. But i am looking for something either custom build (with battery room and such) or a standard but nice deck with good price

i live in denmark in EU

Would something like this be good for you?

Yes but if it costs 150£ i would rather buy a tramba board

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Trampas are HUGE, but also cool

150£ is just a bit to much for only deck i think

Sounds like a job for @treenutter

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For that 150 you`ll get an totally awesome deck, for a reasonable price in my eyes. Trampa has nothing similar in this category…

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150 for a deck sounds fair in my books, the decks i run are around 200 - 300 for something like that.

If your lucky you could find a really cheap Evolve Bamboo GT Deck and maybe even an enclosure and add some foam to it, i paid 110 for mine and already had the foam to extend it with.

Pretty cheap


It will be about 160€ wich is a good price for a deck with this class.

That figure includes the enclosure it’s a very good price, less than a commercial deck alone