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Carbon Fiber Deck...Drilling Holes?

Hello All! I’m looking for the last component I need, the deck. I currently have a drop board and a Penny longboard, one is too low (maybe) and the other has flex which is not good since I’m getting @onloop 's Space Cell Pro4.

I just found this carbon fiber deck that look pretty awesome <img

I have a few questions: 1.) Can you just drill a hole with a regular bit? 2.) Does that compromise the rigidity? 3.) Would there be signal loss between the controller and receiver? And if so can I extend the receiver’s antenna to the edge of the board as a solution? 4.) T-nut or or regular nut on a carbon fiber deck?

Thanks for all the info posted

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  1. Yes.
    2.) maybe, depends on how may holes you drill and where. it shouldn’t hurt it more than drilling into a wood deck.
    3.) shouldn’t be any signal loss unless you completely encase the receiver in carbon. i.e. Faraday cage.
    4.) good question… I have never used T nut on carbon. I use a regular nut with a washer.
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Theoretically, it would look like this.

Not to scale:


this is a question on the side
aren’t there problems with a big motor 63mm on a drop through?
hitting the board or pavement?

I’m currently looking for an enclosure myself. My first was to get the Enertion since it was free shipping but then I checked this morning and the price went up from $4X to almost $60. Oh wells. And I don’t really want to drill through that carbon fiber deck either :frowning:

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I was thing about that too, but maybe two spacers would help nullify the drop thru.

I know, it’s crazy expensive for a plastic shell. Would one of those really really stong velcro work? I’m in Southern California, hardly ever rains, might remove the weather stripping and velcro it on instead.

I’m in SoCal too! Which part are you at? I used 4 velcro to strap on some plastic containers for cover at the moment. It’s not perfect but does the job for the time being. Really hesitant to start drilling holes onto the board. I don’t ride in rough terrains and it has yet to fall off while in motion.

Tustin/Irvine area, speaking of that, would it be stupid to ride an electric skateboard in that 109°F we just had? I’m wondering if things would overheat.

This is part of the reply I got from the designed of the CF board I’m looking at. “Holes smaller than 6mm shouldn’t be an issue for the overall board, but again the hardware may push through if tightened too much” I’m now leaning towards using this ( velcro for the enclosure. Vibration may be an issue though