Carbon Fiber Deck | Machined Aluminum/Titanium Wheels & Trucks

I’ve started to machine the parts. The wheels and trucks are being made out of Alum 7075. The blue rim part of the wheel is bolted to the two part wheel via 25 x M2 bolts and nuts. The wheels studs turned out of titanium. Below are some renders and 3D printed prototypes. 20180807_1332482018-08-07_13-33-292018-08-07_13-34-102018-08-07_13-35-222018-08-07_13-34-542018-08-07_13-36-06


How are you planning on attaching the urethane? Does this allow for replaceable urethane?

I am planning to cast the urethane around the aluminum drum. The plan is to be able to replace the inner hub or rim if I choose. So, technically yes, the urethane is replaceable. Those aluminum drums are pretty easy to machine as they are just a .100" thick cylinder with some holes on the bottom.


So these are like Trampas Gummies, but with cooler rings? :wink:

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from the picture with the truck i would say 90-100mm diameter? but then urethane (or whatever it is) is a very thin layer.

Right!! Those rims are sweet!

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Wow dude that is some nice designing right there. Hate to think what they are costing to produce.

urethane is about 0.400" thick. Overall wheel diameter is 4 inches

I’m machining them myself, cause I didn’t want to think about that cost either. haha

Will the urathane not slip without grooves to help stay on the hub?

There will be grooves on the hub. They are just not visible in the render.

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This looks great @tallaustin ! What do you think the biggest benefits of the aluminum core will be?

Is that one of those cool “drafting” mice for CAD work. Is it worth it? I’ve considered trying one out.

I like the concept of a spring in place of a bushing, curious about what if will feel like!

I’m just a fan of machined products, so thats why I’m going with an aluminum core. I’m sure you could injection mold out of plastic, but that would be quite a bit of work. Also, I’ll feel more comfortable with the structural rigidity of aluminum. Yes, that is a spacemouse in the background. I’ve had one for about 5 years and I feel lost without it. I have the full palm one at work and the small wireless one for my laptop at home. The spring is for (original trucks). The spring concept is not my design. All of my boards I have built use their trucks. I think they are the best kind of design, but if you ask anyone that has long boarded for a while, they are not a fan of the feel.

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