Carbon Fiber eCarver

Bold type is me…

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I do not have enough money for a custom battery with BMS, so I think I will ho for a cheap 6s balance charger. Maybe in the future I could buy an 8s balance charger in order to charge the batteries at the same time.

Not completely true, in my mind. The C7 truck is not only useful for pumping. It is awesome when you want to change direction fast even at low speed and the feeling, you can agree with me, is very smooth and surf-similar.

I hear you loud and clear. I know tons of folks do it. But no amount of “person X did it and was fine” can change the fact that those parts shouldn’t be running on 12S voltages. I just want folks to know that if they go 12S they are pushing boundries and are technically “overclocking” the components. Folks might now know that. Because everyone who runs 12S fails to mention that part or doesn’t know.

Fair enough. It’s worth mentioning that you can use a BMS with normal prismatic (box-shaped) lipos; you don’t need a custom battery. Charging the batteries separately should work fine, but just be very careful to ensure that you always charge both fully. Mismatched lipos is never a good thing.

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yeah ! agreed - I thought you were referring to keeping the front truck. Cheers man!

Awesome looking deck.

This gets tiring very fast. Or maybe it’s just me.

And also, don’t forget that carbon fiber is conductive, so make sure you insulate good. And maybe consider a different material for your enclosure, you might have interference on your receiver with all carbon fiber.

Good luck with your build.

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Not just you, I agree. Definitely doable though, you just need a bit more effort.

@Brogli94 Hay don’t go with a 5-1 gear ratio go for a 3-1 and just go with 6s4p for more amps and less speed.

Yeah, because 3:1 ratio will certainly fit 75mm wheels, also do not buy VESC because it does not go well on 6S, buy a much cheaper car esc, your brakes will suck, your accelartion wont be linear and it will burn after few months! Thats totaly worth it!

I say 2.4:1, 190kv (or 170kv), 8S made of 2S or 4S battereies so you can upgrade to 10s (or 12s in case of 170kv motor) later to get more efficiency and power…

15/36 pulleys, 12mm wide belts…