Carbon Fiber Electronics Enclosure

Hi all,

I’m trying to gauge interest for a prepreg carbon fiber enclosure I’ve designed for my esk8 build and will be fabricating shortly. I’m attaching a few pictures with some specifications of the enclosure, including possible features it can accommodate, as well as the enclosure’s dimensions.

If there is any traction for this, I’ll look into making a small production run of these and distributing them.

Let me know your thoughts, feedback on the design is also appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Carbon fiber enclosures are terrible for esk8 because they are opaque to radio frequency. Switch to fiberglass maybe?

Clearance is also going to be a issue, grass, rocks, speed bumps, ect. I have a dropdown AT board with less than 3cm of clearance with 6" wheels and it’s a punish to ride on anything thing that’s not smooth sidewalk. Even across grass the added friction kills my range. It now sports 8 inch tyres.


@b264 Thanks for your feedback, that makes a lot of sense. However, I’ve seen carbon enclosures used many times in other builds, including ones on this forum. Is the fact that the signal from the remote to the receiver passes through the (in my case) wooden deck as opposed to being enclosed by carbon on all 6 sides still impeding signal integrity?

@Movation this is also a good point, thanks. From the last check I did in CAD I should have around 70mm (~2.75in) of clearance. Do you think this will be sufficient based on your experience?

Are you taking into account the board flex etc? you may want to try moving the electronics closer to the wheels to give the cells more room to spread out if possible. Or turn the cells 90deg and widen them a little more if you can, assuming turning isn’t going to rub.

I’ve seen lots of asbestos used in construction.

I’ve seen reports of “bleeding people” being used as a cure.

I’ve seen old articles claiming cigarettes are safe.

We used to think carbon dioxide wasn’t the worst pollutant.

We get smarter over time, and not using materials that block radio frequency, when your life depends on that radio signal, and there is another very similar material that doesn’t block it, is one way we get smarter over time :wink:

Good point, have seen other designs with incremental sectioning to account for board flex. The deck I’m using is especially stiff, so I’m less concerned about it. May be a good thing to investigate in future iterations though.

@b264 Point well taken :slight_smile: will do some more research into this, and possibly revise material choice


Good idea.But will increase cost.

nice work bro


I like it but it looks like an oil pan off a 350 chevy. And yea carbon fiber is no bueno.

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Which really sucks because carbon fiber is bad ass. But let’s face it, riding carbon fiber decks suck so much. Lol.

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