Carbon Fiber/fiberglass pulley

Made a carbon fiber pulley with threads of fiberglass woven throughout it on a markforged printer. It is insanely light, I’ll weight it when I find a scale. For testing, going to use it on a dual drive setup because I have no idea what the structural integrity will be.


can you do flywheel pulleys?

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iv had great success with “HTCF” they do have regular “CF”

I can do any type, it uses an .stl file. However. filament is insanely expensive.

how expensive we talkin for a set of 40t flywheel pulleys shipped to US? :wink:

I don’t know if they’ll break or turn into a black hole yet so I’d don’t want to market that I’m selling them. If you’d like to test it out it still pm me.

shit PMing someone is alotta work :droplet:

i’ll pass for now, but only for NOW

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or…how bout just printing one and then make a mold and pour them in carbon and epoxy! sure to be strong enough if you get enough carbon or fiberglass or Kevlar in there and are able to vacuum all the air out. surprised no one does that.

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That’s true. Are you suggesting to make cast carbon fiber pulleys? What’s the use for the epoxy?


epoxy holds everything together lol

So pulley to wheel?

no. carbon fiber strands won’t hold shape or form or even be remotely rigid if there’s no epoxy involved. the epoxy is the backbone of every single carbon fiber product on the market.


depending on how you design the pulley it could even be done in a one-part mold where you just pour the stuff in (stuff being a slushy of chopped carbon, Kevlar, and epoxy probably)…actually degass it first and then pour and then degass the mold again even maybe. you’d definitely need a good vacuum pump to get a lot of carbon in but could be made as strong as steel.
if you design it and show it to me I can tell you how I’d make the mold or if it would work with a mold. the part above could be done as a single part and even a one-part mold if the outer flange on the pulley were removed. or do a two-part mold and keep it. I’m into mold making.


God @hummie your Ideas are perfect! This would also be great for my wheel hubs.


How have these pulleys held up? What was total cost in filament when you printed these?

Filament cost me about 20 dollars each for 100% infill of CF + Fiberglass woven through. Pulleys have held up well, but I haven’t tested them too much. I’ll do some more experimenting when I get new motors.

So are these nylon with cf?

Yes with woven through the partt