Carbon fibre enclosure?

Hello people i have made an esk8 runs off two 6s lipos powering two speed controllers which power two 6355 230kv 2400 watt motors however i am looking at making a carbon fibre enclosure for it as it looks a mess at the moment and not professional. I have had speeds of up to 31mph with a 15t/32t, average speed i get up and down hills is about 25,26 mph on a rough road surface tarmac 29 mph. However can anyone recommend a way on how to make the enclosure ? Where to get carbon fibre? Or someone who can make it for me? However needs to be in the UK!!

I believe @MasterCho has a lot of info on this. If you want a premade, reach out to him. Otherwise, here is a post he made about the carbon fiber process.

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Thanks for the reply very helpful :blush:

It’s a really fun process to make your own. I’d start w/ GF and progress to CF as you get practice. It’s not cheap, and in the US some of the best (least $) has been via ebay of all places. Not sure about in the UK. Epoxy is spendy… but good epoxy really is nice to work with vs some of the cheap stuff.

Another option to look into if you just want to stash the wire mess is kydex or abs enclosures w/ heat forming. If you can sand some MDF to a shape you want and have a home vacuum… plus a few minutes and a spare oven… boom - you are in business!

check out Psychotiller’s writeups: