Carbon/fibreglass lamination : cutting of folding?

Hello to all lamination masters, I tried to make some carbon enclosures last year but the results were not so nice. I recently bought a large two stage vacuum pump and I 'd like to give it another try. When you make an object that has edges (even round edges), it is sometimes complicated to cover it nicely with a flat single sheet of fabric (carbon or fibreglass). How to you deal with this problem ? Do you make cuts and superimpose several layers ? Do you make cut and remove some fabric ? Do you fold it ? I went into the archives and saw the fantastic pieces of arts fo @whitepony and some others. I’d be very interested to know how you deal with this issue when covering a 3D surface with a 2D piece of fabric.

Usually the carbonfibre flexes and stretches enough to cover corners when vacuuminfused, never had a corner that was too weird or steep yet. you have to be careful not to get wrinkles ofc.

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Not a master but cutting for sure

From my expierence good quality Fiber is Always better, so don’t cheap out on that